Led Traffic Signal Systems


Power of Panel : 5-10W
System Voltage :12V
Battery : 12V 7 Ah
Flash period :0.5-1 sn
Lamp: Led
Colour : Yellow,Red,Green
Day-Night Sensation : Yes
Led Case Diameter : 200-300 mm
Case Colour : Black/ Yellow

      solar trafik


LED lamps provide light intensity of the traditional traffic lamps by consuming less energy,The lifetime of LEDs are 10 times much more than the normal bulbs.
Because of this, they need less maintenance and so, bulb changing cost is meaningless with LEDs. The another advantage of LEDs is forming by hundreds of little diodes comparing to an one-light source.In this respect their light doesn’t go out and they don’t cause any lighting delay or traffic accident. These factors which increase the prices of LED lamps and combines with the technologic improvements, created LED as a favourable priced option 








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