DPE Street Lighting Systems in IRAQ


Our lighting posts working by solar energy system designed for the places which there is no electricity or where the lighting costs are high. There are 2 LED projectors on it.(one or two projectors according to the request) System stores the DC electric energy in the batteries  which occurs on the solar Panels during the day  and then with this energy system lights during the night.Our post’s Length is 9 meters.It is made of three parts for easy transportation and assembly.System autonomy days are configurated as 7 days.Namely if system doesn’t receive any sunlight during 7 days, it can illuminate enviroment for 7 nights.With this system it is possible to make silent, clear, continious lighting.

120W Solar Panel

 Maximum Power               (Pmax) 120Wp
Open Circuit Voltage        (Voc)    21.6V
Maximum Power Voltage (Vpm)  17.1V
Short Circuit Current         (Isc)     7.9A
Maximum Power Current  (Ipm)   7.4A
Work temperature            -45C° / +85C°
Tolerance          +%10  / - %5
Size :1499 X 662 X 46 mm
IP 65
IEC 61215
STC 1000W/m², 25Cº,AM 1,5
Warranty: 25 year
Weight : 14 Kg

10A Solar Charge Regulator (Producer DPSOLAR)

Voltage: 12V DC
Current: 10A
Trickle Charge System
Boost Charge: 14,4V
Equalization Charge: 14,1V
Floating Charge: 13,8V
Battery Low Voltage Cut off: 11,2V
Reconnect Voltage :12,6V
Self consumption : 4 mA
Reverse Polarization Protection: Yes
SMD Mounted
Size :120,2 X 70 mm
Warranty : 2 year

100 Ah Battery

12V 100 Ah
Number of Cell : 6
Maintenance Free
VRLA Military Standard
1000 cycle Charge/Discharge
Weight: 32 Kg
Size :330 X 171 X 214 mm
Warranty : 6 year
Led  : 806
Led Colour : White / Warm White
Voltage : 12 / 24V automatic
Temperature : -30 / +85 Degree
Power : 60W
Current Limiter :Yes
Lümen :6000 Lümen
Life Time : 100.000 hours
Light Angle :130 Degree
Protect Class : IP 65



It is used for protecting Battery
Protection Class : IP65
DKP Material
Locked Cover   
Paint Colour White
Use fuse SIEMENS
Made in DPE 

Darkness Sensor(Producer DPSOLAR)

Operating Voltage: 12V DC
Sensitivity Setting: Yes (Adjustable)
LED Indication Display
Turning on and off delay for 60 Sec
1 Open and 1 Closed Switch
Warranty : 2 year

Lighting Post:

Galvanized material
Height 6 meter
Weight :80 kg


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